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Welcome to the Adventures!

Join Mario and his pals in going on adventures to find the Keyhole to save the World and defeating the villains with magical powers.


You can use your fav Characters like (TV Shows, Movies, Anime, Cartoons, Video Games, Memes, Others and you can make you in the Mario Team)

Can Make Posters like in Pooh Adventures you can make in PAINT.NET or normal Paint

You can Use the Story's on the page.


  • Cpend7: The Maker of Super Mario and Friends new Adventure's
  • Bubbyaustin: The Friend of Cpend7
  • BowserMovies1989: Nuff Said
  • Nice Peter: Maker of Epic Rap Battles of History and Friend of Epic LLoyd
  • Epic LLoyd: Friend of Nice Peter and Maker of Dis Raps for Hire
  • Harley Meronstein: Maker of Epic Meal Time
  • BrittalCroftFan: Another Friend of Cpend7
  • CazaZach: Telling Good Pages


  • Cpend7
  • Bubbyaustin
  • GreenPunkEmoGirl
  • ThePunkMan
  • TheVampireLady
  • Stevenstar777
  • PinkKoala
  • Bubbyparker
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